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If Prohibition taught us anything, it’s that we really like to drink in America. A lot. And that doesn’t always mean getting crazy drunk. Sometimes it’s nice to just lay back and relax with an ice cold beer, glass of wine or bubbly champagne. Especially with a stunning view!

Granted, alcohol is not allowed on most California beaches – but there are still a few where those 21-and-up can enjoy their booze by the surf (under a few conditions). So, if you’re of age, grab a cooler, and a bottle of Pinot Noir, and head out for happy hour at any of these alcohol-friendly locations. Cheers!

Carmel Beach

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On the Central Coast, Carmel’s white sandy beach is paradise for surfing, volleyball, and seaside drinks as late as 10pm. Bonfires are permitted too, as well as letting your furry buds to run off-leash. Bring a cooler full of Pale Ales, or a bottle of champagne – but kegs are specifically not allowed.

Paradise Cove

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Keeping it classy, Paradise Cove in Malibu only allows beer, wine, and champagne on the surf – no hard liquor. The beach opens every morning by 8, and visitors can drink and be merry all day until it closes later on at sunset.

And because we all know drinking on an empty stomach never ends well – grab a bite to eat from the Paradise Cove Beach Cafe when you get hungry. They’re open right on the sand, serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner – varying from eggs and waffles to juicy burgers, fresh seafood, soups, salads, and other appetizers.

Kehoe Beach

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Away from the crowds, Kehoe Beach is a hidden place to enjoy a cool drink and breeze on the western end of Point Reyes. It can be reached by walking about 0.6-of-a-mile along a trail through marshes and sand dunes. Those 21-and-up can lay back with a nice brew or glass of Chardonnay here, but keep in mind, no kegs are allowed, and all visitors need to leave no later than 11pm.


Do you know of any other beaches in California where alcohol is allowed? Feel free to share them with us in the comments down below.

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