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It’s easy to fall in love with Naples, thanks to its public canals, that are especially charming on a gondola ride. This Italian-inspired Long Beach community was developed in the early 1900’s as the “Dreamland of Southern California” and consists of three islands filled with narrow streets and walkways, canals, beautiful houses and boats, a plaza with a water fountain, and excellent shopping and restaurants on nearby 2nd Street.

naples walking path

For those who prefer a bit more sport than to watch a gondolier row you around the bay, consider renting a lightweight kayak near the Leeway Sailing Center where the gondolas launch daily. Or simply take a stroll down the public walkways that front the canals.

naples kayaking

Alamitos Bay is the kid-friendly, family-friendly, beginner’s best place to take up the sport of kayaking. You’ll often see lap swimmers ply the bay waters, watch sabot sailboats (that were invented here), kayaks and kids and adults having fun in the watercraft or just in the water.

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To enjoy the Naples gem, fashioned after an Italian waterfront community, head down 2nd Street and turn at Bayshore Drive to find the kayak rentals, gondola rides and a family-friendly sand beach that’s across the bay from Naples.

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