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Orange County

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  • San Clemente North Beach BryceApr16 (4)

    San Clemente Beach Coastal Trail

    The San Clemente Beach Coastal Trail is a 2.3 mile long trail with access to the uninterrupted sandy shoreline of San Clemente in Orange County. This wide dirt path is […]

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  • IMG_7507 (Large)

    Beach Camping Southern California

    Only a small percentage of visitors to Southern California insist on camping instead of booking rooms at the many resorts and hotels near the ocean. Those who prefer camping and […]

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  • IMG_7601 (Large)

    Laguna Beach Tide Pools

    The city of Laguna Beach has many coves and beaches packed into its nine mile long shoreline. Unlike some of the other Southern California coastal cities which have continuous sandy […]

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  • pelican1

    The Resort at Pelican Hill

    Pelican Hill is one of those places where time slows down, and good times with friends and family seem to linger longer. Whether you’re visiting as a couple, traveling with […]

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  • Seal Beach Hampton Inn

    Seal Beach Hampton Inn

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  • Pacific Inn

    Pacific Inn

    The Pacific Inn of Seal Beach is quite a friendly hotel. The staff reflects the environment of Seal Beach, with its happy downtown that charms guests. From the cute Main Street […]

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