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Soles of teenagers sunbathing on sandy beach

Why do we love California beaches so much? What is it that draws people to the beach? While there are many answers to these questions, we think the top reason is our interaction with the sand and the saltwater. The best way we connect with beaches is with our feet!

Kicking off the shoes and putting our feet in the sand is blissful. Walking on bare feet at the water’s edge is one of the greatest sensations there is. It gives us a sense of feeling free and unencumbered by the stresses of life.

Couple of lovers walking on the each at sunset - Foot prints on the beach

Over time we have saved pictures of happy feet at the beach. These pics include tanned feet, pretty feet, sandy feet, rocky feet (see what that means below), wet feet, and more.

The bottom line is that beach feet are happy feet. California has some of the some of the best beaches and the best beach feet!

If you still don’t get it, take 4 minutes and watch this video about why we love California beaches.

Girl on the Beach

Foot, Pebble, Sand, Art, Beach

Woman is lying on the beach. Legs close-up

Young beautiful surfer girl on beach with surf board at day break

Feet of a young woman on a sandy beach.

Beautiful women's legs on the beach

Close up male and female feet on white sand beach

bigs-beach feet in California-with tourquoise-jewelry-E1 (Large)

Relaxing On The Beach With Legs Up. Retro Look

Woman's Sexy Legs On The Beach

bigs-Woman-walking-on-sand-beach-in a white spring dress-E1 (Large)

group of friends in swimsuits at the beach

Close up of female feet on white sand beach

Body Geometry

Sexy woman on the beach. close up on woman legs lying in the sand

Woman In Relaxation On Tropical Beach with sand , body parts

Three Young Women In Straw Hats Lying On A Tropical Beach, Stret

Women's sexy legs on the beach

Beach travel - woman relaxing walking on sand beach leaving foot

Close-up of girl's feet in the beach. Bokeh

Company Of Girls Sunbathing On The Beach.

bra on the female's foot on exotic beach

Naked woman legs and evening beach on the sunset