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Appropriately named Fall House, this exquisite home is perched right on the edge of a bluff in Big Sur, meticulously crafted into the sloping countryside. Looking down upon the Pacific Ocean, the plunging cliffs of the area give way to a triangular-shaped lot with a 250-foot drop down to the ocean below. The home uses a mix of glass and unique copper to make the dramatic design.

Designed by San Francisco architect Anne Fougeron, instead of competing with the landscape, this home complements its surroundings.  Most of the northern walls are all glass, with an open floor plan and simplistic design.  Nearby beaches, include Andrew Molera State Park and Jade Cove.

fall-house_p4 fall-house_p8 fall-house_p10 fall-house_p11 fall-house_p25 fall-house_p26

Photos courtesy of Fougeron Architecture.