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Ventura County

From casual, beachside communities to charming towns, Ventura County welcomes visitors with a wealth of outdoor recreation and interesting places to stay.

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Santa Barbara County

From the small town charm of Carpinteria to the delightful, old-world style of Solvang, Santa Barbara County offers up a full range of places to stay and things to do.

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San Luis Obispo County

Visit California’s Central Coast and experience adventures from wine tasting to seaside destinations and cozy coastal communities.

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Monterey County

Hit the open road with an unforgettable drive along Highway One, stopping to admire some of Central California’s most unforgettable scenery and impressive ocean views.

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Santa Cruz County

A top vacation destination for generations, Santa Cruz County entices visitors with everything from family-friendly inns to full-service hotels.

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About Central California

Lured by a dramatic coastline, vintage small towns and breathtaking views, Central California delights with everything from rugged adventures to beachside accommodations.  Enjoy a stay in laid-back Carpinteria or charming Solvang, all on your vacation to this impressive region.  From the palm trees of Santa Cruz County to the natural beauty of Big Sur, there’s no limit to your Central California vacation.  Relax in the comfort of spacious lodging at Carmel Country Inn or stay close to the harbor at Comfort Inn Ventura Beach.  From exploring small beach towns to mountainous terrain, the options are endless with an unforgettable trip to Central California.