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California is home to hundreds of shipwrecks that occurred over the years from the broad sandy beaches of Southern California to the rugged rocky coastline of Northern California. Some of the wreckages can still be seen in the sand and the surf.

Here is a map of the shipwrecks that are still visible and the beaches where they are located. To learn more about these ships and how they met their demise, read our article about the 9 Shipwrecks in California You Can See.

Beaches on this map

  • Lunada Bay Beach

    Lunada Bay is a small bay or large cove, depending on how you look at it, in the Palos Verdes Estates area. It’s probably best known for surfing although the […]

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  • Mile Rock Beach at Lands End

    Mile Rock Beach is in a small cove tucked below Lands End Point in San Francisco’s portion of Golden Gate National Recreation Area. The view from Lands End includes the […]

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  • Sutro Baths

    The ruins of the Sutro Baths are an historic site on the western waterfront of San Francisco. In March of 1896 these elaborate privately-owned saltwater and freshwater pools opened to […]

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  • Coronado Shores Beach

    Coronado Shores Beach, aka South Beach, is a wide sandy beach on Coronado Island. It is located in front of the Coronado Shores Beach Club resort and condominium complex at […]

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  • Tennessee Cove Beach

    Tennessee Cove Beach is a dark sand beach on the west side of the Marin Headlands in Golden Gate National Recreation Area. The beach at Tennessee Cove requires a two-mile […]

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  • La Jenelle Beach

    La Jenelle Beach is located at the south end of Silver Strand Beach in the city of Oxnard. The name comes from a ship called the “La Jenelle” that sank […]

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  • Seacliff State Beach

    Seacliff State Beach is a long sandy beach on the waterfront of Aptos, CA. This is a great place for sunbathing or walking the sandy shores of Monterey Bay in […]

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  • Samoa Beach

    Samoa Beach is the long strand of beach on the ocean side of the Samoa Peninsula near Eureka. The small community of Samoa with its historic Samoa Cookhouse Restaurant is […]

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  • Salinas River National Wildlife Refuge

    Salinas River National Wildlife Refuge has a long remote sandy beach at the mouth of the Salinas River north of Monterey, CA. The refuge is managed by the US Fish […]

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  • Ocean Beach

    Ocean Beach is a long beach spanning the entire Sunset District of San Francisco from Cliff House south to Sloat Boulevard. It’s also a wide beach especially when compared to […]

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Other locations on this map

  • SS Dominator Shipwreck 1961

    A rusting ship on the rocky shoreline of the Palos Verdes Peninsula near Los Angeles

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  • Lyman Stewart Shipwreck 1922

    A ship that hit the rocks near Lands End in San Francisco

  • Frank Buck Shipwreck 1938

    Another unlucky ship to hit the rocks south of the entrance to San Francisco Bay

  • Ohioan Shipwreck 1936

    A ship barely visible in the waves north of the Sutro Baths in San Francisco

  • SS Monte Carlo Shipwreck 1937

    A ship that sometimes can be seen in the sand in front of the Coronado Shores towers near San Diego

  • SS Tennessee Shipwreck 1853

    Parts of this ship sometimes stick up out of the sand at Tennessee Cove Beach in Marin County

  • La Jenelle Shipwreck 1970

    After this ship sank the top was cut off and the hull was filled with rocks to form a breakwater in Oxnard

  • SS Palo Alto Shipwreck 1929

    A concrete ship at the end of the pier at Seacliff State Beach near Santa Cruz

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  • USS Milwaukee Shipwreck 1917

    Sometimes this shipwreck is visible at the south end of Samoa Beach near Eureka

  • Sauce Bros. Barge 1983

    A large steel barge on the beach at Salinas River National Wildlife Refuge on Monterey Bay

  • King Philip Shipwreck 1878

    A wooden ship buried in the sand of Ocean Beach in San Francisco