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Newport Beach Pier

Newport Beach Pier Newport Beach Pier
Newport Beach Pier Newport Beach Pier

Newport Beach Things To Do

Newport Beach Pier in Newport Beach, California

Newport Pier is one of several prominent piers in Newport Beach. From this wooden structure you can look south to see the Balboa Pier, the second major pier in the OC city. Newport Pier, historically known as McFadden’s Wharf, is where the Dory Fishermen dock their dory boats and bring in their catch of the day, selling them to the public at the Dory Fleet Fish Market.

The Newport Pier is ideal for strolling and features a lifeguard station at its base, several rows of shops and restaurants, several hotels, lots of beach rental houses, a bicycle path, public restrooms, a ready teller machine, and a huge parking lot where you put coins in the individual pay meters and pay to park. The pier overlooks a beautiful sand beach, Newport Municipal Beach, and series of jetties where tourists like to climb the rocks, and surfers head out to catch waves.

70 Newport Pier
Newport Beach, CA 92663
(949) 644-3309

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