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Andres Amador, a San Francisco-based artist, began “painting” beaches in 2004 while studying geometry, ancient architecture and crop circles. He was inspired by ancient ancestors that created magnificent works with very simple tools, but armed with great geometric insights. Over time, his art has evolved into many different styles as the medium guides his exploration of what’s possible.

His favorite areas are from Santa Cruz up to Fort Bragg. Each design takes about two hours to complete and are created during the window in which the tide is at its lowest. His tools are simply a rake (a metal leaf rake to be exact) and sometimes a rope for geometric designs. In all, Andres says that he has created hundreds and hundreds of these earth artworks. We have showcased some of our favorites below.

“Sliceform” at Ocean Beach, San Francisco

Untitled Artwork at Natural Bridges State Beach, Santa Cruz

“Path” at Sutro Baths, San Francisco

“Flow” at Stinson Beach, Marin County

“Connections” at Fort Bragg area beach, Fort Bragg

“Cells” at Stinson Beach, Marin County

“Bubbles” at a beach just to the east of Natural Bridges State Beach


The artist, Andres Amador, has been featured by NBC, PBS, BBC, CNN, the Discovery Channel, and numerous TV programs and periodicals globally. His artwork has appeared on beaches in the US and internationally, with his primary canvas being the Northern California coastline.

For more information on Andres Amador or to buy prints of his artwork, see his website and Facebook page.