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Glass Beach

Glass Beach is a well-known beach in Fort Bragg and might be the most-searched beach in all of California....

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Seaside Beach

Seaside Beach is just north of MacKerricher State Park where Seaside Creek sometimes flows through the sand to the...

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Virgin Creek Beach

Virgin Creek Beach is sandy shoreline tucked away in the middle of MacKerricher State Park. It’s only reachable by...

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Ten Mile Beach

Ten Mile Beach is the long stretch of coastline at Inglenook Fen Ten Mile Dunes Preserve in MacKerricher State...

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Pine Beach

Pine Beach is the common name for the beach at the mouth of Mitchell Creek south of Fort Bragg....

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Old Haul Road Beach

This popular beach in MacKerricher State Park doesn’t have an official name. Locals just call it the beach next...

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About Fort Bragg

Once a pre Civil War military site, Fort Bragg is now better known for its scenery. There are six beaches making up nearby MacKerricher State Park, including perhaps the most popular, Glass Beach. This famous location is a big draw for tourists, known mostly for its sea glass. The beach used to serve as a town dump, eventually closing in the late 1960’s when the town began cleaning it up. Over the years, though, the pounding ocean bore down on the remnants, breaking up the leftover glass into small and smooth pieces.