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About Mendocino County

Mendocino County is located on the Northern California coast and expands to the Mendocino National Forest. One of the most prominent landmarks of this county, the Point Arena Lighthouse stands proudly on rugged coastal cliffs, offering visitors a chance to explore maritime history while enjoying sweeping ocean views. Embarking on the Skunk Train, a vintage railway journey, takes you through awe-inspiring redwood forests, showcasing the region's pristine landscapes. Richardson Grove State Park, situated along Highway 101, captivates with its ancient redwoods, providing hiking trails and camping areas for nature enthusiasts. For a serene escape, Hendy Woods State Park offers a tranquil haven with its old-growth redwood forests, inviting visitors to hike, picnic, and camp amidst the majestic trees. The Navarro River Redwoods State Park also entices with its picturesque trails and opportunities for fishing, swimming, and kayaking along the scenic Navarro River. And located in the middle of the county's coastline, the town of Fort Bragg is the perfect home base for exploring this county.