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Santa Cruz Nude Beach List

Santa Cruz is has some of the best beaches in all of California and several nude beach options too. It’s a short drive to this area of the coast for millions of people in San Francisco, San Jose, and the greater Bay Area. Even though so many people have access to this region, some of […]

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San Francisco Nude Beach List

The San Francisco Bay Area has several well-known nude beach options for sun tanning in the buff. More so than almost any other stretch of the California Coast, the city of San Francisco and areas nearby to the north and south offer comfortable nude areas. Closest to the city and free from hassles there is […]

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Nude Beaches in California

The “clothing optional” nude beaches in California aren’t that hard to find if you know where to look. There are areas on the California coast that are void of nude beaches (all of Los Angeles County for example), but each region of the state has some. The San Francisco Bay Area and Santa Cruz have the highest […]

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San Diego Nude Beach List

San Diego isn’t known for its nude beaches but it does have a few. The state, San Diego County, and the municipalities near these beaches have rules that are strictly enforced so follow all local rules and established laws to avoid getting a citation, or worse yet, getting places closed to nude sunbathing. Black’s Beach […]

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Nude Beaches of Marin County

Marin County has a few different nude beach options for those who want to ditch the clothes and avoid tan lines. Some, including South Rodeo Beach and Black Sands are located in the Marin Headlands and not that far from the Golden Gate Bridge. Others are a bit farther near the communities of Muir Beach and […]

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