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Marin County has a few different nude beach options for those who want to ditch the clothes and avoid tan lines. Some, including South Rodeo Beach and Black Sands are located in the Marin Headlands and not that far from the Golden Gate Bridge. Others are a bit farther near the communities of Muir Beach and Stinson Beach (see map above). A few require a longer drive into Point Reyes National Seashore or even a long day-hike or backpacking trip like Sculptured Beach.

No matter where you wind up, be sure to follow any posted rules and signage. Don’t disrobe until you get to the beach, and be respectful of others who visit these popular places and aren’t aware of their clothing-optional status. Be sure to check the weather forecast and tide tables. Some of these beaches, like Red Rocks and Steep Ravine, are pretty small at high tides.

IMG_6214 (Large)

The beaches below are listed by their distance from San Francisco. If you don’t want to drive across the Golden Gate Bridge, then check out the nude beaches in San Francisco.