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Tide tables are graphical representations of tidal data, providing information about the timing and height of tides at a particular location over a period of time, typically for one month. They’re essential tools for anyone planning activities along the coast, such as boating, fishing, surfing, tide pools or beachcombing.

Tide pools are best viewed at low tide when the water level is low and the surf is typically calmer. Other unique features such as sea caves, rock arches, and even shipwrecks can be exposed at low tides. Some of California’s hidden beaches are inaccessible except at low tides and many beaches are completely wet at high tides.


The tide tables provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) are the most accurate tidal forecasts available. However, we have found that their website is confusing and overwhelming due to the sheer number of measurement points and unfamiliar names. Many of them are far inside harbors, rivers, and bays, such as San Francisco Bay, and less accurate for the ocean beaches. So we have created the simplified list below.

These locations are listed south to north.

San Diego & La Jolla

Orange County & Long Beach

Los Angeles & Santa Monica Bay

Catalina Island

Ventura County

Santa Barbara County

San Luis Obispo County

Big Sur Coast

Monterey & Carmel

Santa Cruz County

San Mateo Coast & Half Moon Bay

San Francisco Ocean Beaches

San Francisco Bay Beaches

Marin County & Point Reyes

Sonoma County & Bodega Bay

Mendocino County & Fort Bragg

Humboldt County & Eureka

Del Norte County & Crescent City