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  • The Historic Fishing Piers in California

    Fishing has always been a big coastal activity in California, long before surfing became popular in the 1960’s. During the second half of the 1800’s and in the early 1900’s […]

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  • Beach Camping in San Francisco Bay Area

    Camping at the beach is in high demand in the San Francisco Bay Area and all of Northern California during the summer months. Since these beachside camp spots are so […]

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  • Dog Friendly Beaches Santa Cruz

    Dog owners who live in Santa Cruz or vacation in this fun-loving funky city are lucky to have several dog-friendly beaches to choose from. The rules at these beaches vary […]

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  • The Beaches of Monterey Bay

    Not many places in California have a continuous stretch of sand like Monterey Bay. Between Santa Cruz & Monterey lies 31 miles of sandy coastline, only interrupted by the infrequent waterway, which can easily be […]

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  • Capitola Venetian Hotel

    Take a short stroll to one of the many nearby art galleries, shops or restaurants, with a delightful vacation to the Capitola Venetian Hotel. This boutique-hotel only offers suites, with […]

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  • Capitola Hotel

    Set along the coast of Monterey Bay, the Capitola Hotel offers plenty of appeal, from its tiny village setting to its exceptional views. Guests of the Capitola property enjoy complimentary […]

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  • Capitola Suites

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