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The California coast is so amazing that some people just can’t bear to leave it… ever. And if you have stayed in a hotel that’s rumored to be haunted, you know how exciting it can be. If you’re curious, book yourself a room at one of these haunted hotels. You might have a paranormal experience, but either way you’re sure to have an enjoyable stay.

La Playa Hotel, Carmel-By-The-Sea

La Playa Hotel

This beautiful hotel was once home to Christopher Jorgenson and his wife Angela Ghirardelli, who was the heiress to the San Francisco chocolate fortune. It became a hotel when the couple left the area. The ghost of a woman is sometimes spotted here. Some say it’s Angela herself, but it could very well be her cousin, who sadly drowned in Carmel Bay.

The Santa Maria Inn, Santa Maria

Santa Maria Inn

For almost 100 years, the Santa Maria Inn has been a Central Coast landmark. It is elegant, refined… and probably haunted. Guests have seen mysterious footprints, heard a piano that plays by itself, and heard music coming from disconnected speakers. Someone mysterious likes to knock on the door of room 210 and recline on the room’s bed. Legend has it that a sea captain and his mistress stayed at the hotel long ago, and the mistress murdered him.

The Georgian Hotel, Santa Monica

The Georgian Hotel

The Georgian Hotel is said to be one of the most haunted buildings in the Los Angeles area. When it opened in 1933, it was used as a speakeasy and a getaway for celebrities like Charlie Chaplin and Clark Gable. Employees tend to hear whispering, voices and even an occasional “Good morning” in the empty restaurant. Guests often report the room TVs turning on by themselves, and faint apparitions have been seen all over the hotel.

The Queen Mary, Long Beach

The Queen Mary

The Queen Mary has such a reputation that you’re less likely to find a skeptic than you are a believer. This ghostly ship has been voted one of the Top 10 Haunted Places in America by Time Magazine. Paranormal investigations are held regularly, and you can even take a guided ghost tour at twilight.

U.S. Grant Hotel, San Diego

The US Grant

This hotel opened in 1910, costing a whopping $2 million to build. It’s fully renovated today, but one of its original inhabitants seems to remain. Apparently a single ghost wanders these hallways, and it has been known to enter guest rooms and make strange noises.

Hotel Del Coronado

Hotel del Coronado

This swanky Southern California hotel is known to be haunted by the restless spirit of Kate Morgan, the wife of a card shank in the 1800s who was allegedly murdered. The haunted rooms are sometimes rented at special rates, and guests can expect to hear moans, rattling chains, and faucets turning on and off by themselves.