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This is a rare hiking opportunity near the Los Angeles metropolis. In the San Gabriel Mountains north of Azuza there is a hike that follows a river valley up to a huge concrete arch bridge that was never opened to the public. A large flood in 1938 wiped out the road path and the project was abandoned. Over time it has become a well-known attraction drawing many hikers daily.

The hike is remote and involves a rugged trail, rock scrambling, and crossing a river so you’ll need to plan accordingly. Towels, a change of shoes, and the normal items for a long day hike should be packed. It’s about ten miles total to the bridge and back with nearly 1000 elevation gain. Note that flash floods happen in this canyon and can make the river crossings deadly. Dogs are allowed and commonly seen on this hike. What a great way to explore the San Gabriel Mountains near Los Angeles. This is a popular hike so get an early start to secure a parking spot at the trailhead.

For directions to the trailhead see our map above. You’ll be driving to the end of Camp Bonita Road which is considered in the city of La Verne. Note that a California Adventure Pass is required for parking at the trailhead.

Bridge To?

Oh, if you are curious enough to want to hike to this bridge, maybe you’d like to jump off it. If you plan ahead you can leap off this old bridge with a bungee attached to your ankles. Bungee America offers many options for jumpers from beginner jumps to backwards jumps to ankle dives to pitch black night jumps.