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Northern California

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    Mount Tam State Park – Beaches, Peaks, More

    Mount Tamalpais, a.k.a. Mount Tam, is known as the birthplace of mountain biking. It put Marin County on the mountain bike map back in the late 1960s and 1970s. This large […]

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  • California’s Great America

    California Theme Parks Map

    California has more theme parks and amusement parks than any other state in the union. If you are traveling in Southern California or in the San Francisco Bay Area, chances […]

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  • Stump Beach Stevens Mar2015 (6)

    Salt Point State Park

    Salt Point State Park is a wonderful place to visit while driving the scenic Sonoma Coast Highway. It has four access points to a rugged yet picturesque rocky shoreline. Tide […]

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  • Monarch Butterfly Grove

    Bolinas Monarch Butterfly Grove

    The Bolinas Monarch Butterfly Grove is a little-known site for the migrating butterflies on the California Coast. It surprisingly has one of the largest populations during their winter layover. You […]

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  • point-reyes-shipwreck-inverness-ca-bryce-apr15-1

    Point Reyes Shipwreck Site

    The Point Reyes Shipwreck was an iconic wooden boat stuck on a sandbar in the town of Inverness on Tomales Bay in Marin County. Pro photographers and tourists alike have […]

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  • San Francisco Cable Cars

    San Francisco Cable Cars

    San Francisco’s Cable Cars are a major tourist attraction and a great way to navigate through the downtown area. Ever ride a national landmark? It’s being done everyday by both […]

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