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About Sonoma County

The Sonoma County coast has a lot of great beaches but few cities. In between the town of Bodega Bay and the community of Sea Ranch, with the exception of Jenner, there are only a few small unincorporated coastal villages with gas stations and general stores. This lack of development makes the drive along Highway 1 feel very remote. Near the town of Bodega Bay there are several great beaches to check out. Some are on Bodega Bay, some are in Bodega Harbor, and some are on Bodega Head, the rugged peninsula that protects the town and harbor from the powerful ocean waves. Starting at Bodega Head and continuing north up the coast past the town of Jenner there are twenty beaches in Sonoma Coast State Park. These state beaches include the long wide beachcombing variety and some tiny coves. Farther north of Jenner are beaches at Fort Ross State Historic Park and Salt Point State Park. The northernmost part of Sonoma County’s coastline is in the private community of Sea Ranch. The beaches of Sea Ranch are all accessed via trails that begin at parking lots along Highway 1 that are owned by the county for public use. Many people drive right by and don’t take advantage of these great hidden public beaches. Across the Gualala River from Sea Ranch is the town of Gualala in Mendocino County.