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Russian Gulch

Russian Gulch is a pebbly beach in a deep cove where Russian Gulch Creek flows into the Pacific north...

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Goat Rock Beach

Goat Rock Beach is located between Goat Rock Point and the Russian River along the Sonoma County shore near...

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Blind Beach

Blind Beach is located south of Jenner and the Russian River in Sonoma County. It’s a long narrow beach...

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Shell Beach

Shell Beach is is a narrow rocky beach in Sonoma County just south of the Russian River and the...

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Fish Head Beach

Fish Head Beach is a narrow driftwood-covered beach about two miles north of the visitor center in Jenner, California...

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Fort Ross Reef

Fort Ross Reef is a scuba diving destination just offshore from Fort Ross State Historic Park. There is a...

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Timber Cove

Timber Cove Beach is at the Timber Cove Campground and Boat Landing about 14 miles north of Jenner in...

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Stump Beach Cove

Stump Beach occupies a gorgeous deep cove in Salt Point State Park. The sandy beach here is surrounded by...

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Gerstle Cove Beach

Gerstle Cove Beach is directly below the visitor center building in Salt Point State Park. The waters in Gerstle...

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Ocean Cove

Ocean Cove Beach is a rocky shoreline below a privately-owned campground in Sonoma County. The beach can be accessed...

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Fisk Mill Cove

Fisk Mill Cove Beach is a rocky beach in Salt Point State Park in Sonoma County. There is a...

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Vista Point

Vista Point is a high ocean overlook along Highway 1 north of Jenner. This day-use facility marks the north...

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Horseshoe Cove

Horseshoe Cove Beach is a remote rocky beach near the northern boundary of Salt Point State Park. It wraps...

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About Jenner

Jenner has barely enough people to make a town, but it offers plenty for tourists. With a number of vacation rentals and unique stores, the town’s Visitor’s Center is a fantastic place to start. Sonoma Coast State Beach and its northern beaches are near Jenner. For seal watching, head to Goat Rock, or explore the rugged shoreline at Shell Beach. There’s also the historic Russian settlement of Fort Ross State Historic Park, as well as the fantastic views and dramatic surf of Salt Point State Park and the Russian River.