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The Best Hidden Beaches of California

California has a unique rugged and irregular coastline that hides coves and even long stretches of sand from passers-by. These are the hidden beaches of California. We have traveled up and down this coast looking for nooks and crannies where visitors can lose themselves at the water’s edge. Places where it’s possible to forget about […]

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The Best Beaches You Can’t Visit in California

All beaches in California are public up to the mean high tide line, but there are many you can’t get to due to private land or other restrictions. Several are visible from above and are absolutely gorgeous beaches. Others are truly hidden and not visible from a nearby road or the bluff above them. The […]

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Best Beaches that Tourists Miss in Big Sur

Many tourists drive Highway 1 along the California Central Coast throughout the year. It’s an incredibly scenic route and the highlight is usually the Big Sur Section in northern San Luis Obispo County and southern Monterey County. And while there are plenty of well-known “must see” beaches along the Big Sur Coast, this area offers a […]

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The Adventurer’s Bucket List Beaches of California

The adventurous folks are keen to bucket lists. It might be a list of mountains they want to climb, national parks they want to visit, or streams where they want to cast a line. This list of beaches is for them. If you know an adventurous soul, you should share list this with them, or […]

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Hidden Lighthouses in California You Should Try to Find

Lighthouses are tall white structures with bright lights on top so they should be easy to spot right. Well some of the lighthouses on the California Coast aren’t in plain sight, in fact, a few of them are hidden quite well. Here are five lighthouses that are hidden, but worth trying to find. Fort Point […]

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The Hidden Beaches of Malibu California

Malibu has a long history of beach access disputes, big and small, between wealthy home owners and the public. Luckily the California Coastal Commission has been fighting for public access over the years. Many battles have been won here and others have been lost or at least haven’t been fully fulfilled. The Coastal Commission has […]

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La Tour – The Mysterious Tower of Laguna Beach

One of the most unique and mysterious landmarks of Southern California is the tower that stands at the base of a cliff in Laguna Beach. Here is the story behind it. The structure, known as “La Tour” (french for tower), is a 60-foot castle-inspired tower. It was built at the same time as the house at the top […]

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8 Secluded Beaches in Orange County

The beaches in Orange County are some of the most popular places in California for enjoying the surf and sand. But believe it or not, there are still a few spots in the area where you can enjoy a nice, quiet day, at least compared to the more bustling beaches. Head off the beaten path and […]

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