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San Diego’s beaches are beautiful, but they sure can get crowded sometimes. How could they not, when the stretches of coastline are so postcard-perfect? It can be a little irritating when all you need is a little peace & quiet by the waves and you’re greeted with crowds of other visitors – but luckily, there are still some sandy spots around the city where you can find a little more solitude. These are just a few of them.

1. Black’s Beach

Shot overlooking Black's Beach in San Diego, CA

Offering silence, solitude and ocean views, Black’s Beach is a gem beneath La Jolla’s tall oceanside bluffs of Torrey Pines. It spans from Torrey Pines Beach to Scripps Beach, about 3 miles north of the more crowded La Jolla Shores. In fact, the beach is set in such a nice, secluded location, the stretch is widely known as one of the largest clothing-optional beaches in the country.

2. D Street Beach

D Street Beach is south of Moonlight State Beach in Encinitas. Unlike it’s neighbor Moonlight, D St Beach is hidden below the bluffs and neighborhoods of this fun-loving city. The farther you walk south, the more solitude you’ll find.

3. Sunset Cliffs

Sunset Cliffs Natural Park Bryce Feb2015 (12)

You guessed it – Sunset Cliffs near Point Loma in San Diego got its name from the beautiful cliffs that look even more lovely by sunset. This calm, still park on the coastline is usually so quiet you can hear the ocean waves come crashing in.

4. Swami’s Beach

San Diego secluded beaches

Swami’s Beach is a hot spot for surfing on the south end of Encinitas, fairly hidden just beneath a bluff. A long stairway leads down to the shoreline, where you can find lots of great, shaded spots to spread out a blanket and have an old-fashioned picnic. If it is busy near the bottom of the stairs simply walk south to find an open area. If the tide is out you can walk north on the beach to a hidden spot called Boneyard.

5.  South Imperial Beach

On the south end of San Diego the city of Imperial Beach blends in quietly with oceanfront views for miles. It can be busy around Imperial Beach Pier so if you want to get away from the crowds head to South Imperial Beach by walking south, or driving down Seacoast Drive. If you’re in Imperial Beach by sunset, stop by Tin Fish restaurant near the end of the pier and try some of the fish tacos for dinner.

6. Fletcher Cove Beach

San Diego secluded beaches

Fletcher Cove will give you a great place to unwind by the ocean in Solana Beach. The small beach park also includes a grassy area, basketball court, and picnic tables overlooking the surf if you’re not looking to get sand in your PB&J. If Fletcher is busy, simply walk south toward Seascape Sur Beach and you’ll find your hidden beach.

Have you been to any of these secluded beaches before? Where are some of your favorite places to get peace and quiet in San Diego?