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Avenue of the Giants Scenic Drive

Avenue of the Giants Scenic Drive
Avenue of the Giants Scenic Drive

Avenue of the Giants Scenic Drive in Ferndale, California

Avenue of the Giants is a 31 mile long scenic drive that uses roads that parallel Highway 101 between Garberville and Fortuna in the Northern California redwood forests. Because of the ruggedness of the King Range and the Lost Coast, the coastal highway goes inland for about 100 miles between Westport and Eureka. Avenue of the Giants is the best way to get off the highway for a bit and slow down to see the forest and the trees.

The “Giants” are massive redwood trees that can be visited and photographed in various old growth groves. Many of the trees are large enough to drive through (yes tunnels have been carved out to drive through several of them).

Avenue of the Giants is a touristy attraction, but it’s still worth taking time to enjoy it. There are so many things to see and it’s up to you if you want to stop at the various gift shops along the way. Save time to walk a nature trail or two and visit famous trees like the Founders Tree, Giant Tree, and The Dyerville Giant (375 feet tall, 52 foot diameter tree that fell in 1991). Avenue of the Giants passes through Humboldt Redwoods State Park where several of the largest groves of old growth redwoods are located.

The southern entrance to the Avenue is at Exit 645 on Highway 101 near Redway and Garberville.

The northern entrance to the Avenue is at Exit 674 on Highway 101 in Scotia.

After finishing the Avenue at the north end we recommend finding Blue Slide Road which begins in Rio Del. This road stays off the highway and eventually becomes Grizzly Bluff Road before reaching the beautiful town of Ferndale. Ferndale has a picturesque downtown and wonderful beaches nearby including Centerville Beach.

There are hotels, bed and breakfasts and campgrounds all along this scenic drive so you can break the trip up into multiple days and see more of the attractions.

See this page for a detailed map of the route.

Avenue of the Giants
Weott, CA 95571

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