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Devil’s Slide Bunker Devil’s Slide Bunker Devil’s Slide Bunker Devil’s Slide Bunker
Devil’s Slide Bunker Devil’s Slide Bunker Devil’s Slide Bunker Devil’s Slide Bunker

Devil’s Slide Bunker in Montara, California

High above Gray Whale Cove State Beach there is a strange looking structure that has incredible views of the Pacific Ocean and the shoreline in both directions. This vantage point was strategic while this structure was in use. Back then, during WW II, it was a military bunker looking out for aerial and naval threats on the Bay Area. After the war the land on the point was purchased from the US government and the new owner scraped away the dirt everywhere but under the bunker. This is why it looks so strange from surrounding areas.

A fence and signs tell people to stay away from the graffiti covered bunker that now teeters on narrow base of crumbly dirt. It makes for great photographs from places including Gray Whale Cove and the Devils Slide Trail.

5002 Cabrillo Hwy
Pacifica, CA 94044

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