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Sea Ranch Chapel Sea Ranch Chapel Sea Ranch Chapel Sea Ranch Chapel Sea Ranch Chapel Sea Ranch Chapel
Sea Ranch Chapel Sea Ranch Chapel Sea Ranch Chapel Sea Ranch Chapel Sea Ranch Chapel Sea Ranch Chapel

Sea Ranch Chapel in Sea Ranch, California

The Sea Ranch Chapel in Sea Ranch, California was designed in 1984 by James T. Hubbell, a San Diego-based artist who’s known for creating unique living environments for humans to dwell in harmony with nature. Utilizing local materials in his projects, Sea Ranch Chapel offers a perfect example of his work. Made with local stone, the chapel walls create a foundation on which the building appears to sit. Its cedar roof is accented with copper and crowned with a bronze spire, echoing a nearby windswept tree. Teak doors complement the native redwood used throughout the interior. A graceful plaster roof, resembling the petals of a flower, crowns the interior space. Graceful metalwork is on display in the chandelier and the screen behind the prayer desk. Carved seating is made from local redwood.

A sign in front of this unique structure states that “The nondenominational Chapel is for prayer and meditation. Please respect its sanctity.” Maintained for the use and enjoyment of the public by the non-profit Sea Ranch Chapel Foundation, it is open to the public daily, except when private events are held there (available for a fee).

40033 CA-1
Sea Ranch, CA 95497

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