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Point Conception Lighthouse

Point Conception Lighthouse
Point Conception Lighthouse

Point Conception Lighthouse in Lompoc, California

Point Conception is the prominent point where the Santa Barbara Coast turns northward. The point has an old Coast Guard lighthouse, but it’s not open to the public and it is surrounded by private property and, therefore, cut off from public access anyway. The Cojo-Jalama Ranch is a large privately-owned cattle ranch which separates Point Conception from the rest of Santa Barbara County. The ranch name comes from Cojo Bay and Jalama Creek which are both on the property. Cojo Bay has a nice sandy beach, but there are few easy access beaches right at Point Conception. Just north of the point is a small sandy beach accessible from a dirt road that starts near the lighthouse. This area was a surfing mecca years ago when property owners allowed public access. Today this gated property, which is east and south of Jalama Beach County Park, is only accessible via boats or walking south from Jalama Beach (a long walk at low tides). The public portion of all California beaches adjacent to private land is below the mean high tide line so these beaches can still be visited if you don’t cross the property. The Point Conception Lighthouse is still an active aid to shipping navigation and operated by the U.S. Coast Guard so unfortunately it is closed to public visitation.

Cojo Bay Road
Lompoc, CA 93436
Park Name
U.S. Coast Guard Point Conception Lighthouse Station
Coast Guard & Private Property
Beach Exploration
Lighthouse, No Facilities

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