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Point Sal State Beach Point Sal State Beach Point Sal State Beach
Point Sal State Beach Point Sal State Beach Point Sal State Beach

Point Sal State Beach in Guadalupe, California

Point Sal State Beach is a remote public beach that has become quite difficult to access. The trail to the beach is an old road that has eroded over time and was eventually closed and gated by Vandenberg Air Force Base. The trailhead is outside of base property, but it passes through the base before ending at a state park property.

Access to the beach now requires a strenuous ten mile long round trip hike that climbs up and over Point Sal Ridge each direction for a total of nearly 2000 feet of elevation gain (most on the way back). Mountain biking would be the best way to reach Point Sal Beach, but they are not permitted at this time. Since Point Sal State Beach is only open for day use it requires starting early in the day to be able to return to your car before sunset. The steep hillsides near the beach are eroding and sliding so the trail to the beach could be damaged when you get there. Camping is not allowed and swimming is not advised for many reasons including sharks. There are no facilities at this remote location. All that said, if you make the effort to get here it will be a fun place to walk the beach for some beachcombing.

To get here, head south on Highway 1 from Guadalupe, then turn west onto Brown Road and park near the gate at old Point Sal Road. This topographic map of Point Sal Ridge shows the old road from Corralitos Ranch to the beach.

Brown Rd and Point Sal Rd
Guadalupe, CA 93455
Park Name
Point Sal State Beach
State Park
Hiking, Fishing, Beachcombing, Tidepooling, Beach Exploration
Tide Pools, No Facilities
Pet Policy
No dogs allowed on beach
Free parking at trailhead

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