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  • Ticks at California Beaches

    It’s pretty common to see the words ticks and Lyme Disease used in the same sentence. Unfortunately, like cancer almost everyone knows someone who has contracted Lyme Disease (the author […]

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  • Northern California Backroads near Crescent City

    If you want to explore the area around Crescent City California on backroads, we’ve done the research for you. These day trips are for folks who enjoy driving for the […]

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  • California State Beaches

    California State Beaches can be found up and down the coast. They have some of the best beachfront property in the Golden State and thankfully it is protected from developers. […]

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  • 10 More Top Beaches in California

    Last year, we compiled a list of the Best California Beaches. This was done after two years of extensive research visiting beaches up and down the California coast, keeping in mind […]

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  • Beaches with Amusement Parks

    California is well-known for it’s wide selection of amusement parks and waterparks. Some of the best parks are inland and require a drive to the coast. For example, it would […]

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  • Best Beach Resorts & Hotels in Northern California

    Northern California’s rugged coastline offers a very different experience than Southern California. Cooler temperatures and remote locations cut down on crowds. But less tourism also means fewer options for lodging. […]

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  • Klamath River Overlook Picnic Area

    The Klamath River Overlook is high up on a bluff on the north side of the Klamath River mouth. On a clear day it has a superb view of the […]

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  • Trees of Mystery

    Trees of Mystery is a nature based theme park in Klamath along the northern coast of California. They have a gondola ride that climbs nearly 600 feet in a third of a […]

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