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Klamath Beach

Klamath Beach is on a huge sand spit on the south side of the Klamath River mouth in Del...

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Hidden Beach

Hidden Beach is a small cove beach in Del Norte County, Northern California. It is tucked away below a...

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High Bluff Beach

High Bluff Overlook is an ocean vista and picnic area in Redwood National Park south of the Klamath River....

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About Klamath

Popular with campers, hikers, anglers and more, Klamath once served as the famed getaway for Hollywood stars and starlets. These days, though the Klamath River draws families and fisherman, while the rugged shores of Klamath Beach beckon those in search of adventure. Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park, meanwhile, provides miles of wild ocean coastline, along with a forest of redwoods trees and natural wildlife. Because of the park’s unique location, the trees in this area get larger as you get to the top of the hill.