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  1. Half Moon Bay Ritz-Carlton

    Best Beach Resorts & Hotels in Northern California

    Northern California’s rugged coastline offers a very different experience than Southern California. Cooler temperatures and remote locations cut down on crowds. But less tourism also means fewer options for lodging. […]

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  2. SNV15859

    Fort Ross State Historic Park

    Fort Ross is a historic stop along Highway 1 on the Sonoma Coast. It has several buildings and a windmill surrounded by fort walls that are leftover from it’s Russian […]

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  3. IMG_3534 elmer ross beach (Custom)

    Shell Beach Area of Pismo Beach

    Friends who visit the Central California Coast will tell you about their trip to Shell Beach, but when you look for it on a map, it might be hard to […]

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  4. pfeiffer-beach-inspiration

    Best Rock Arches at California Beaches

    Rock arches are some of the most spectacular of Mother Natures’s hand-crafted artwork. The California Coast displays more of these natural pieces of art than any other state. You won’t […]

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  5. dolphin bay resort pismo beach narrow pic

    Hotels and Resorts in Shell Beach, Pismo Beach, CA

    The Shell Beach area of Pismo Beach in San Luis Obispo County is primarily a residential community, but it’s a fine place to visit. It has many beaches to choose […]

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