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  1. Chimney Rock Pt Reyes Bryce April2015 (16)

    The Best California Beach Hikes Under 5 Miles

    Like most other things, hiking is better when it’s done by the beach. And here in California, we have plenty of incredible coastal trails to choose from. But sometimes you […]

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  2. SteepRavineStinson-Bryce-April2015 (10)

    Mount Tam State Park – Beaches, Peaks, More

    Mount Tamalpais, a.k.a. Mount Tam, is known as the birthplace of mountain biking. It put Marin County on the mountain bike map back in the late 1960s and 1970s. This large […]

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  3. California’s Great America

    California Theme Parks Map

    California has more theme parks and amusement parks than any other state in the union. If you are traveling in Southern California or in the San Francisco Bay Area, chances […]

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  4. bahai

    The Top Resorts Of San Diego’s Mission Bay

    San Diego’s Mission Bay is a beautiful saltwater lagoon located south of the Pacific Beach community. It’s home to both SeaWorld and Mission Bay Park, which is the largest man-made […]

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  5. loews1

    Relax And Unwind At LA’s Best Beachside Escapes

    It’s easy to forget that Los Angeles is a beach city. After all, it’s got Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and the attractions in downtown LA. But the City of Angels is […]

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  6. San Clemente North Beach BryceApr16 (4)

    San Clemente Beach Coastal Trail

    The San Clemente Beach Coastal Trail is a 2.3 mile long trail with access to the uninterrupted sandy shoreline of San Clemente in Orange County. This wide dirt path is […]

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  7. IMG_5057 Fort Funston Beach San Francisco (Custom)

    Beaches Near Oakland

    Oakland and the East Bay area has a handful of shoreline parks with beaches and water access. These urban parks are modest at best and will do little to satisfy […]

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