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Calafia Beach

Calafia Beach is city-operated park and beach on state park property in San Clemente, CA. The park is called...

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Trestles Beach

Trestles Beach is the northernmost part of San Onofre State Beach and of San Diego County, but access is...

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T Street Beach

T Street Beach is found at the west end of Esplanade Street in San Clemente and that is why...

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North Beach

North Beach in San Clemente is in front of the Ole Hanson Beach Club near the intersection of El...

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Riviera Beach

Riviera Beach is a public beach with access from a hard to find spot in south San Clemente, CA....

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Mariposa Beach

Mariposa Beach is a San Clemente City Beach access point in northern San Clemente, CA. The entrance to this...

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El Portal Beach

This beach goes by two names, El Portal Beach and Buena Vista Beach. That’s because the public access entrance...

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Poche Beach

Poche Beach is located where Camino Capistrano runs into El Camino Real at the city border of San Clemente...

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About San Clemente

Famed for its Spanish Colonial architecture, San Clemente attracts vacationers with its dramatic views and powerful winds. Bounded by a steep bluff, San Clemente State Beach offers an escape for visitors looking to surf, hike or just set up camp. Traverse to the “Pier Bowl”, with its unique restaurants and shops, although just as famous for the topographical shape for which it’s named. San Clemente Pier, meanwhile, offers a chance to relax and enjoy your surroundings, with incredible views of the coast.