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Coleman Park

Coleman Park is along the north side of the entrance to Morro Bay between Morro Rock and the marina...

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Tidelands Park

Tidelands Park is a small grass park on Morro Bay that’s popular with families. There is no beach here...

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Cloisters Park

Cloisters Community Park is the perfect starting point for a pleasant walk that ends at the beach north of...

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About Morro Bay

The waterfront City of Morro Bay offers much more than just incredible beaches. Make a stop at the protected Morro Strand State Beach for three miles of windsurfing, kite flying and fishing. The artificial harbor of Morro Bay, meanwhile, is the only small craft harbor of its kind in the area. Perhaps the most compelling feature of the area, however, is Morro Rock. You cannot actually climb the massive volcanic plug, but you can visit its base of fallen boulders for some fantastic photos. The surrounding beach is a superb location to collect sand dollars and view Peregrine Falcons.