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About Catalina Island Vacation Rentals in Avalon, California

Catalina Island has vacation rentals in several areas of the island. From homes and villas to cottages and condos, these rentals supply enough room for couples or extended families, all surrounded by the luxury of an island setting. The unique vacation rental properties offer the ideal getaway, with hundreds of different beach-style Avalon rentals to choose from.

Hamilton Cove vacation rentals are probably the best-known and most popular. Those units come with a golf cart for driving between the private resort and the lively town of Avalon where the ferry drops off most tourists. There are quite a few hotels in Avalon to choose from, but if you want a different experience consider booking a vacation rental. These are houses and condos that are listed for rent by the owner. Typically they ask for a multi-night stay, but if you are going all the way out to Catalina from the mainland, then you should stay a while.

Vacation rentals give you the feeling of living there. You can shop at the local store and cook meals right in the unit. It’s great for families as they have lots of space and you can get enough bedrooms for everyone. Since each unit is different, you can pick them based on the amenities like views, tennis courts, pool access, hot tubs, and golf carts for cruising around town. Avalon isn’t big so getting to the main beach (Crescent Beach on Avalon Bay) isn’t difficult without a cart. There is small golf course, a botanical garden, and good snorkeling spots like Lovers Cove nearby.

119 Sumner Avenue, Suite B
Avalon, CA 90704
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Avalon, US
5:35 am, May 30, 2024
temperature icon 56°F
L: 56° H: 61°
Feels like 55.47 °F fog
Wind gusts: 4 m/s
UV Index: 0
Precipitation: 0 inch
Visibility: 0 km
Sunrise: 5:45 am
Sunset: 7:56 pm
Humidity 100 %
Pressure1014 mb
Wind 4 m/s

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