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California has so many memorials dedicated to the veterans of the US Armed Forces. Most are public buildings, or simple memorials in outdoor parks. Others stand out because of their location and other factors. If you happen to be close to one of these or any of the other memorials on Veterans Day, be sure to stop and be thankful.

Veteran’s Museum in San Diego has exhibits about the major conflicts and rotating exhibits as well. It is located in a gorgeous corner of Balboa Park.

Mt. Soledad Veteran’s Memorial in La Jolla has 360 views from the area’s highest point. The memorial itself is one of the finest on the California Coast.

The Memorial on Mt. Soledad

Heisler Park Veteran’s Memorial in Laguna Beach is located in one of the most beautifully landscaped parks around. Not to mention the stunning nearby beaches.

Belmont Veteran’s Memorial Pier in Long Beach extends far out into the water. At the end you’ll find a restaurant and incredible views. With a long pier, a wide beach, and a paved path you can walk for miles.

Veterans Park in Redondo Beach is next to one of the finest piers in Southern California, the Redondo Beach Pier. 

Memorial Court in San Francisco has a simple memorial, but this small park is framed by three architectural wonders in the city by the bay.

Santa Monica Veterans Memorial is uniquely design with five pillars aligned to cast one shadow at sunset on Veterans Day. It’s in a beautiful place with stunning views.