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Safari Bus on Catalina Island

Safari Bus on Catalina Island
Safari Bus on Catalina Island

Safari Bus on Catalina Island in Two Harbors, California

The Safari Bus is how you get around on Catalina Island if you plan to leave the towns. Unlike the Hawaiian Islands where you can rent a Jeep and drive anywhere you want, Catalina doesn’t rent rigs for driving backroads. To get between the two cities on the island, Avalon and Two Harbors, there is only the rustic old Safari Bus. It runs daily throughout the year, but the hours are limited outside of the summer months.

Four beaches in the west side of the island are only accessible via the Safari Bus when it stops at the Little Harbor Campground. Fares are not cheap so if you intend to visit Two Harbors then consider taking the Catalina Express directly to that port.

Isthmus Pier
Two Harbors, CA 90704
(310) 510-4205

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