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About Two Harbors

With campgrounds, scuba diving and mountain biking, Two Harbors is the place to go for those hoping to become one with nature, while uncovering their own individual nirvana. This rustic village encompasses the western end of Catalina Island far from the popular port town of Avalon. Some of the prime destinations near Two Harbors are quite remote. In fact, the secluded beachfront campsite at Parsons Landing requires a kayak or a long hike to get to, while Shark Harbor provides an active spot for surfers looking to catch a wave. If you want to see Two Harbors, you have two options. Take the Safari Bus from Avalon, or ride the Catalina Express ferry directly from the mainland in San Pedro (the other mainland ports do not service Two Harbors). There aren't many lodging options in Two Harbors, but the ones they have are cozy.