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So where are all those tide pools in Orange County you’ve been hearing about? There are so many that it can be overwhelming. We have created a map to show you all the options and facilitate your search.

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Orange County is chock full of tide pools with most of them between Dana Point and Corona Del Mar in Newport Beach. The city of Laguna Beach has so many that we created a separate map of them – Laguna Beach Tide Pools.

Plan ahead before visiting tide pools as they are typically not visible at medium to high tides. These California tide tables show when the lowest tides are.

When you visit tidepools anywhere in Southern California, be careful where you step as many of the rocks have living creatures on them, and of course, never step in the pools. It’s unlawful to remove any living marine animals from these locations, so bring your camera to get colorful photographs you can take home.

Laguna Beaches 3.28.14 201 (Large)Tide Pools at Woods Cove in Laguna Beach