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The city of Laguna Beach has many coves and beaches packed into its nine mile long shoreline. Unlike some of the other Southern California coastal cities which have continuous sandy waterfronts, Laguna’s is irregular and rocky in many places. This is a blessing for those of us that love investigating tide pools.

At low tide, there are many different areas where tide pools are revealed. From Thousand Steps Beach in south Laguna Beach to Crystal Cove State Park at the border with Newport Beach, there many rocky points and reefs to explore. The best-known spots for tidepooling are probably Rockpile Beach, Shaw’s Cove, and Crescent Bay Beach, but there are many more in between.

IMG_7601 (Large)Tide Pools at Shaw’s Cove

See the map above and the list below with all the tide pools in Laguna Beach.

Beaches on this map

  • Thousand Steps Beach

    Thousand Steps Beach is one of the largest beaches in south Laguna Beach, CA. It’s a wide sandy beach with volleyball courts, restrooms, and tide pools and even caves to […]

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  • Treasure Island Beach

    Treasure Island Beach is south of the Montage Resort in Laguna Beach, CA. This sandy beach is the north end of the same large cove that begins at Aliso Beach […]

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  • Goff Cove Beach

    Goff Cove Beach is a south-facing beach below the bluff that is west of the Montage Resort in Laguna Beach, CA. Goff Cove is protected by a tall pyramid-shaped rock […]

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  • Christmas Cove Beach

    Christmas Cove Beach is a west-facing beach below the bluff west of the Montage Resort in Laguna Beach. This is one of several beaches that are very close together between […]

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  • Victoria Beach

    Victoria Beach is a long white sandy beach south of Victoria Drive in Laguna Beach. The majority of this southwest-facing beach lies in front of the private gated Lagunita housing […]

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  • Moss Street Beach

    Moss Street Beach is a small rocky and narrow beach in Laguna Beach, CA. Moss Street Beach is the official name of the beach on signage near the access entrance, […]

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  • Woods Cove Beach

    Woods Cove Beach is in a sandy cove that has rocky points at both ends and fancy Laguna Beach homes high above the bluff. Bette Davis lived in the English […]

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  • Brooks Street Beach

    Brooks Beach is at the end of Brooks Street in Laguna Beach. There is a nice sitting area with railings at the top of the stairs where you can enjoy […]

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  • Rockpile Beach

    Rockpile Beach is the southern beach of Heisler Park in Laguna Beach, CA. Rockpile Beach is in a south-facing cove with rocky outcroppings at each end. At high tide this […]

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  • Picnic Beach at Heisler Park

    Picnic Beach is the northern beach of Heisler Park in Laguna Beach, CA. The park above the beach offers grassy areas to spread out on and many picnic tables as […]

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  • Diver’s Cove

    Diver’s Cove Beach is at the west end of Heisler Park near downtown Laguna Beach, CA. The beach is right below and just east of the Divers Cove Condominium building. […]

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  • Fisherman’s Cove at Boat Canyon

    Fisherman’s Cove Beach is a small south-facing beach tucked away in Laguna Beach, CA. The signage at the entrance to this beach is clearly signed Fisherman’s Cove, but locals also […]

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  • Shaw’s Cove

    Shaw’s Cove is a small sandy locals beach tucked away below homes in Laguna Beach, CA. There is a public entrance to Shaw’s at the intersection of Fairview Street and […]

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  • Crescent Bay Beach

    Crescent Bay Beach is a large popular beach in northern Laguna Beach, CA. The main public access is on Cliff Drive one block from where it begins at North Coast […]

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  • Crystal Cove State Park – Pelican Point Beach

    Pelican Point Beach in Crystal Cove State Park has a broad beach between Pelican Point and the park’s Historic District at Los Trancos Beach. The beach slopes gradually so it’s […]

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  • Crystal Cove State Park – Treasure Cove Beach

    Treasure Cove Beach at Crystal Cove State Park is accessed from hiking trails that lead down the steep bluff from day-use parking lots inside the Pelican Point entrance. This entrance […]

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Other locations on this map

  • Downtown Laguna Beach