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Muir Beach





  • Muir Beach Overlook

    Muir Beach Overlook is on a hidden prominence north of Muir Beach, California in Marin County. It’s an attraction that most travelers drive right by without noticing. From the trailhead […]

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  • Muir Woods National Monument

    Muir Woods National Monument is a unique pocket of unmolested old-growth trees on the southern slopes of Mt. Tamalpais in Marin County. The trees are gargantuan redwoods that will blow […]

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  • Muir Beach Vacation Rentals

    Muir Beach is a quaint small town on the coast in Marin County California. The only hotel in town is a good one, Pelican Inn, but it’s small with just seven […]

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  • Pelican Inn

    The historic Pelican Inn is the only hotel in town in Marin County’s tiny Muir Beach. It’s a small bed and breakfast hotel with an old English feel and only […]

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  • The Cottage at Muir Beach

    With the distinct advantage of both ocean and mountain views, The Cottage at Muir Beach generously promotes a peaceful retreat, a mere 20-minutes from San Francisco. Found in the picturesque […]

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