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Goleta Beach Park

Goleta Beach Park is a county-run facility on a sand spit near the University of California Santa Barbara campus,...

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Ellwood Beach

Ellwood Beach at Santa Barbara Shores Park and Ellwood Mesa Open Space is surrounded by open spaces that invite...

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Tajiguas Beach

Tajiguas Beach is a narrow beach at the mouth of Tajiguas Creek west of Santa Barbara. There is a...

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About Goleta

With stunning beaches, and plenty of outdoor recreational opportunities, Goleta offers visitors a unique destination. Goleta Beach Park includes nearly 30 acres of paved biking trails, as well as a fishing pier, playgrounds and beaches. El Capitan State Beach, meanwhile, serves as a prime location for camping, as well as fishing, swimming and surfing. Refugio State Beach is uniquely lined with palm trees, while Gaviota State Beach is popular with campers and swimmers, even with its frequent high winds.