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Needle Rock Beach Needle Rock Beach Needle Rock Beach Needle Rock Beach Needle Rock Beach
Needle Rock Beach Needle Rock Beach Needle Rock Beach Needle Rock Beach Needle Rock Beach


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Needle Rock Beach in Shelter Cove, California

Needle Rock Beach is near the Needle Rock Visitor Center at Sinkyone Wilderness State Park. From the visitor center walk back on the road a bit to the old wooden building and follow a trail north down the bluff and you’ll see Needle Rock a tall narrow seastack with a hole in the base. From here or nearby you should be able to work your way down to the beach (ask about access at the visitor center). At high tide there won’t be a beach at this location. At low tide you can venture far south where the beach widens and provides a great beachcombing opportunity. It’s a long drive from the town of Garberville on Highway 101 to the visitor center. The road is unpaved and narrow at the park. RV’s and cars with trailers are not recommended for this trip. Budget quite a bit of time to get here and plan on tent camping in the Bear Harbor Camp or book lodging in the nearby town of Shelter Cove. Needle Rock is a stop along The Lost Coast Trail.

Briceland Thorn Rd
Whitethorn, CA 95589
Park Name
Sinkyone Wilderness State Park
State Park
Hiking, Beachcombing, Camping
Rock Arch, Environmental Campsites, Restrooms, Picnic Tables, Trails
Pet Policy
No dogs allowed on the beach
Fee for parking

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