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San Simeon




  • The Historic Fishing Piers in California

    Fishing has always been a big coastal activity in California, long before surfing became popular in the 1960’s. During the second half of the 1800’s and in the early 1900’s […]

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  • The Big Sur Coast Must-See Beaches

    Big Sur might be the most beautiful coastline in the entire country. When many people think of the California Coast they have visions of driving down the highway in the Big Sur […]

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  • California Coastal National Monument

    California Coastal National Monument was originally created to protect the many islands, rocks, pinnacles, and exposed reefs that had not been appropriated or reserved in other ways. This includes over […]

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  • Hearst San Simeon State Park Beaches

    Hearst San Simeon State Park contains most of the waterfront property along a 20-mile segment of Highway 1 north of the city of Cambria on California’s Central Coast. This area […]

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