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We’ve talked about the best beaches in California for watching the sunset, and we’ve also mentioned some of the best places to get in a good hike. But combine the two and you’ve got yourself a great evening: A good workout culminating in a gorgeous sunset. When you’re ready for a long pre-dinner walk with stunning views, check out one of these trails.

La Jolla Coast Walk Trail

La Jolla Cove beach at San Diego.

The Coast Walk Trail in La Jolla can be short or long depending on where you start. We like the long version which covers most of the La Jolla waterfront from La Jolla Strand to the La Jolla Cave Store. Sunsets from La Jolla are breathtaking.

Escondido Canyon and Falls

escondidoPhoto credit: Yelp

Known as the hidden gem of the Santa Monica Mountains, this four mile long round trip trail takes you up to the beautiful Escondido Waterfall. You’ll hike through oak trees and sage scrub, but there will also be plenty of opportunities to enjoy the beautiful sunset. Below this hike you’ll find Latigo Beach, Corral Canyon Beach, and hidden Escondido Beach.

Bluff Cove to Lunada Bay

IMG_1848 (Large)

This 3 mile beach trek near Palos Verdes Estates is great for the adventurer. The beach portion of the route is rocky so bring good shoes. We suggest starting at Bluff Cove and hiking to Lunada Bay and then back again. On the way you’ll pass the Dominator Shipwreck. Note that this hike is best at low tide. On the bluff there is a path for those who don’t want to take the beach.

Point Dume, malibu


Located in Malibu, this four mile beach hike can best be described as romantic. Start at Point Dume Beach and hike south past Little Dume to the pier at Paradise Cove or turn around wherever you want. After the beach hike you’ll need to ascend to the summit of Point Dume for views to the west. When you get to the top, you’ll be ready to witness an incredible sunset.

Huntington Dog Beach Trail

bigs-Golden Retriever walking in the water on a sandy California beach at sunset-E1 (Large)

This 1.8 mile path takes you right down the beach. It’s easy, relaxing, and absolutely magical at sunset. From the pier at Huntington Beach you can walk north to Huntington Dog Beach and turn around wherever you choose.

Manhattan Beach to Redondo Beach

For an incredible sunset beach walk, take the trail from Manhattan Beach to Redondo Beach. The path is 4.5 miles round trip and every bit is scenic. Between these two small towns is another, Hermosa Beach and all three have fabulous piers. Viewing the sunset from the end of the pier at any of these three beaches is best. See the other piers of Los Angeles.

Sunset Cliffs, San Diego

bigs-Sunset Cliffs cliff at sunset in san diego area-140671328 (Large)

How could we not include this San Diego spot on a list like this? The cliffs and beaches on this trail are gorgeous any time of day, but we highly recommend doing the two mile trek at dusk. The trails begin at Sunset Cliffs Natural Park.