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The best way to see the beaches of La Jolla is to walk the shoreline of this upscale village. Most of this shoreline walk is officially called the La Jolla Coast Walk Trail, but few people walk the entire shore. It’s a fun trek that the entire family will enjoy as it uses beaches, sandstone bluffs, and sidewalks and has interesting stops along the way.

Keep your eyes peeled for wildlife along the route including colorful birds, friendly sea lions, and even little critters in the tide pools.

Our favorite way to do this walk is to start at Windansea Beach by driving or getting a ride to the intersection of Palomar Avenue and Neptune Place. At this intersection there is a stairway that takes you to the sand. From there the instructions are fairly simple. Walk on the sand when you can and get up onto the bluff when you can’t. Eventually you’ll pass by La Jolla Cove Beach after which the trail follows the high bluff and no longer descends to the water. Stop into The Cave Store to shop for souvenirs and see the man-made tunnel into Sunny Jim Cave.

Overall this walk is 2.5 miles from end to end, but you can start and stop at any point and make it however long you want it to be.

The Coast Walk is best at low tide so check tide charts before you head out.

Along the way you’ll pass by over ten different beaches and several of the La Jolla tide pools. This walk also passes by a few grass parks and countless benches where you can rest.

For watching sea lions stop at Childrens Pool, Boomer Beach, or La Jolla Cove which are more likely to

Dogs are allowed on the trail, but not on the beaches (except in the early mornings and evenings if they are on a leash).

Make sure to bring sunblock as it can take a while to travel the whole way, especially since there are interesting places to stop and enjoy.

Below are the beaches south to north along the La Jolla Coast Walk Trail.