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Begun at the beach, Ruby’s Diner has that authentic Southern California vibe. Ruby’s Diner opened its first location in 1982 in a converted bait shop at the end of Balboa Pier in Newport Beach. Launched by entrepreneurs and junior high friends Doug Cavanaugh and Ralph Kosmides, Ruby’s has since expanded to more than 27 locations in five states.


Ruby Cavanaugh – The Original Ruby

The friends started Ruby’s Diner as an homage to bygone Southern California days. All Ruby’s Diners are outfitted with red vinyl booths and white Formica tables, soda fountains, and 1940’s décor. Named after Cavanaugh’s mother, Ruby’s Diner has evolved through the years from its original basic menu of burgers, fries, and shakes to offer vegetarian and low-fat options as well as breakfast.

In 2014 Ruby’s Diner was voted one of the best family friendly restaurants in Orange County. With over 20 milkshakes to choose from and a seemingly endless assortment of salads, burgers, appetizers, and good old staples like fries and onion rings, Ruby’s Diner is a go-to beachside dining experience in Southern California.

Here are the Ruby’s Diner locations near California beaches:

Ruby’s Laguna Beach

Many Ruby’s Diners have décor themes that fit with the local area, and this location is no exception. Antique cars are parked around the restaurant, adding to the retro feel. Located on PCH (South Coast Highway), just south of downtown Laguna Beach, this Ruby’s also features a rooftop dining option. Nearby beaches include Victoria Beach, Christmas Cove Beach, Goff Cove Beach, Middle Man Beach, Treasure Island Beach and Aliso Beach.

Ruby’s Carlsbad

This Ruby’s is located at the Carlsbad Premium Outlet Mall on Paseo Del Norte. It’s close to Legoland and not far from the ocean too. While you can eat here, why not ditch the mall and head to nearby Terramar Beach and North Ponto Beach.

Ruby’s Balboa Pier, Newport Beach

This is the original Ruby’s Diner which opened in 1982. Customers can order from the window and eat at one of the outdoor tables overlooking Balboa Pier Beach and the ocean. For a 360-degree view, customers can opt for the rooftop deck.

Ruby’s Newport Coast, (now called the Crystal Cove Shake Shack)

Perched above Crystal Cove cottages and Los Trancos Beach sits Ruby’s Shake Shack, a smaller version of Ruby’s Diner. The views alone are worth a stop at this Ruby’s, but most people also line up for the milkshakes. The menu is smaller but still has plenty of choices for the lunch crowd. UPDATE – this restaurant is no longer a Ruby’s and has been renamed Crystal Cove Shake Shack.

Ruby’s Redondo Beach (closed permanently)

A perfect summer lunch destination for the family, this Ruby’s Diner is located beside Seaside Lagoon, a man-made beach with a playset and water slide. Ruby’s Diner has an order window that opens into the Seaside Lagoon, so families can picnic beach-side.

Ruby’s Huntington Beach Pier (closed permanently)

Walk all the way to the end of the pier and you’ll run into Ruby’s Diner. With arguably one of the best views in Huntington Beach, this location has two levels, making it ideal for watching the sunset or scanning for dolphins while enjoying a burger.

Ruby’s Oceanside Pier (closed permanently)

At the far end of the Oceanside Pier sits this Ruby’s Diner. This location is popular with locals and tourists alike, wait times in summer can be long, but the good ol’ American fare makes it worth it. The upstairs patio offers unobstructed views of Oceanside Pier Beach and the ocean. Tip: come an hour before sunset for breathtaking scenery while enjoying dinner and milkshakes.

Ruby’s Long Beach (closed permanently)

Located at the intersection of Pacific Coast Highway and 2nd Street, this Ruby’s Diner location has no outdoor dining options, but it is just a short drive from Mother’s Beach at Marine Park, Marine Stadium Beach and Alamitos Bay Beach. So considering stopping here on the way to the beach for an easy picnic lunch.