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Cooks Beach

Cooks Beach is a beautiful sandy beach in a rock-walled cove just north of Gualala. The waves roll into...

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Gualala River Beach

The Gualala River has long wide pebbly beaches along it’s shoreline. One such public access beach is known as...

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Hearn Gulch Beach

Hearn Gulch Beach in Mendocino County is in the deep protected cove called Saunders Landing, an old schooner mooring...

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About Gualala

Tourism is the main industry in the former small logging town of Gualala. Kayak for miles along the Gualala River, only to stop for a perfect picnic along the waterfront. End your journey at Gualala River Beach, or head outside of town to the gorgeous views of Cooks Beach, sheltered by the wind in a spectacular cove. Top off your vacation with a stay at the cozy St. Orres Inn. The beach is just a short walk away to catch a lovely sunrise.