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  • The Historic Fishing Piers in California

    Fishing has always been a big coastal activity in California, long before surfing became popular in the 1960’s. During the second half of the 1800’s and in the early 1900’s […]

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  • Best Beaches in San Francisco

    San Francisco is known for many world-class attractions around the city, but the incredible beaches here often get overlooked by tourists. It’s a shame because San Francisco has some of the […]

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  • Golden Gate National Recreation Area

    Here’s a map of all the beaches in Golden Gate National Recreation Area. There are 26 of them around the San Francisco area. Some are south of the Golden Gate […]

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  • The Missions of California

    California has 21 historic Spanish missions from San Diego to Sonoma in the northern San Francisco Bay Area. Most were built during the late 1700’s, with the two northernmost being […]

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  • Tide Pools in the San Francisco Bay Area

    Tide Pools are one of the biggest draws at California beaches and the Bay Area has it’s fair share of them. In fact, two of the best tide pools in […]

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