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  • Duxbury Reef Tide Pools

    Best Tide Pools in Southern California

    Here’s a map of the best tide pools at Southern California beaches. From San Diego to Malibu there are many areas where tide pools are concentrated. Wait for low tide and […]

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  • Santa Monica beach view from pier in California USA

    Best Beaches in Los Angeles

    Los Angeles is known for long wide sandy beaches with picturesque piers jutting out into Santa Monica Bay. These are world class beaches that draw thousands of visitors every day. They […]

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  • IMG_4054 carbon beach malibu geffen bryce (Large)

    Carbon Beach in Malibu

    Carbon Beach in Malibu has been the source of controversy for years. Nowadays it’s been a more positive topic of conversation in Malibu, at least for beachgoers. Wealthy home owners […]

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